yup, I wore a suit under that thing

Vera, 19, Moscow, Russia.
I believe in the power of music and the power of advertising.
Procrastination Queen. The Back Row Countess.
Married to my iTunes library.
I've got 8 (and counting) favourite bands, because how do people even manage to have just one? Those are: The Strokes, The Killers, The Maccabees, Interpol, Editors, Portugal. The Man, White Lies and The National.
And only 3 favourite songs: Common People by Pulp, Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode and An Honest Mistake by The Bravery.
I love the art of cinema, esp. Wes Anderson and Franco-Belgian stuff.
I get obsessed easily (never by choice). I get un-obsessed easily (never by choice). Turn an obsession into an aversion easily (never by choice).
Going out to gigs like it's my job.
Studying Chinese (the hard way) like if I liked it.
Once met Tom Smith and acted stupid.

Ahmad Tea Music festival met guys from Citizens!, having a sudden post-gig-post-stalking depression now :(
Thom didn’t want us to try his glasses on, said they were new, but anyway lost them at the first “hard-rock” solo, haven’t seen those fly-alike glasses since then
Tom feels himself a true star. drank a lot (well, it’s Russia), made loads of duck-faces. probably thinks he is Beyonce. also copied the spelling of my English-unappropriate and inconvenient name from Alt-J’s Gus’ autograph.
drunk Mike is stupid as fuck (very kind tho), haven’t ever seen an iphone extra charger, was very surprised they actually exist.
PS: not a single word was said about mr. Kapranos, consider it as a sign of Citizens!’s success and a guarantee of peace in my mind (Sziget soon, you feel meh).